An article featuring Dr. Christopher Starr was published in the current edition of the journal "New Ophthalmologist".

The article, titled "Safety First in Cataract Surgery", describes a new surgical technique which was pioneered by Dr. Starr at the Weill Cornell Medical Center. The 'Starr Pop & Prechop' is a novel technique for performing cataract surgery by reducing complications and improving patient outcomes. As the ophthalmology residency program director at Weill Cornell, the article also featured Dr. Starr's tips for teaching cataract surgery to novice surgeons. Dr. Starr has also been asked to present and teach his surgical technique to practicing ophthalmologists at the 2009 Association of Cataract & Refractive Surgery meeting in San Francisco. Download the article.

Please note: the following video contains medical images of a graphic nature that might not be suitable for some audiences.

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