Presidency Welcome Statement

Dear Members of the Club Jules Gonin,

The Club Jules Gonin is an extraordinary professional group. Inspired in honor of a brilliant and persistent Swiss ophthalmologist-who insisted, and then demonstrated, that repair of the tiniest retinal hole could avert a life of blindness-the Club has grown in size and scope and now explores every facet of vitreoretinal disease. Gonin might well have imagined that his insights and contributions would transform patient care in Lausanne, and would influence Zurich, Paris, and the like, but it is probable that even he would have been amazed at a namesake club that meets in Cape Town, Kyoto, and Reykjavik.

I wish to express my honor and gratitude at being entrusted with the presidency of the Club, and in the first breath, to mention again the great loss of our leader, colleague, and friend Yasuo Tano. It is inspiring and wonderful, however, to see the exciting plans for our upcoming Kyoto meeting so carefully, and lovingly, arranged by his Japanese students and friends, whose remarkable skill and devotion to the advancement of vitreoretinal diseases is the direct legacy of Yasuo's vision and generosity. It is marvelous for all of us in the Club to have the energy of these physicians in our present, and the Kyoto meeting in our future.

The Executive Committee, internationally-diverse in character, and with its ever-capable secretary Thomas Wolfensberger, continues its work to maintain and strengthen the Club and it's many initiatives and efforts in vitreoretinal diseases and their treatment-influences that now quite literally encompass the globe. I am also most delighted to share in the Club's official duties with our new Vice-President Yannick Le Mer who (in addition to having vastly better French!) is a most talented retina surgeon-investigator who embodies the high traditions of the Club. With your most valuable help and support, and remaining fully sensitive to our origins and traditions, the Executive Committee will make every effort to continue the magnificent, jeweled movements of the Club Jules Gonin for the understanding and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases.

Donald J. D'Amico, MD
President, Club Jules Gonin

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